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Ski center ‘Ponijeri’ opens ski season tonight with free skiing and a new ski lift

The new snowfall overnight has allowed the start of the season at the Ski Center “Ponijeri” near Kakanj, which will kick off the ski season with free night skiing – announced Dženan Ajdinović, the director of the Cultural and Sports Center Kakanj, in a statement to Fena.

He notes that the snow cover is slightly over 25 centimeters, so they have decided to start tonight.

“The track is almost prepared, but due to the fact that the snow height is on the borderline for organizing skiing, we decided to do it in the night hours, from 6 to 9 pm. Since we are opening the season, as always, skiing is free on the first day.

We hope that the weather conditions will allow us to organize skiing tomorrow and in the coming days when, of course, entry to the track will be charged,” Ajdinović announces.

In addition to the skiing trail, the Ski Center “Ponijeri” also has a sledding track, which visitors to this mountain can use for free throughout the season.

Tonight, skiers at Ponijeri will ride to the top of the trail for the first time using the new ski lift, for which the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina allocated 1,500,000 KM in 2022, while the rest of the money needed to complete this project, worth about two million KM, was secured by the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton and the Municipality of Kakanj.